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Will my phone conversation be recorded?

It is widely accepted among the world’s best helplines to record calls for training, monitoring, and quality assurance purposes. You are welcome to maintain your anonymity and keep your identity confidential during the call. Of course, the Helpie Responder will remain anonymous and will identify themselves as Helpie.

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How much personal information should I divulge to the Helpie Responder?

What kind of information you choose to share with the Helpie Responder and how much information you choose to provide is entirely up to you, as long as you are comfortable doing so and is relevant to the context of the problem you are experiencing. Everything you share is confidential between you and the helpie […]

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Exactly what am I allowed to discuss in this safe space?

Any issue that you believe is relevant to your present mental health crisis can be discussed on the Helpie Mental Health Crisis Line.

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