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What should I do if I believe that someone I care about needs crisis assistance but is unwilling to take it?

It is important to respect the uniqueness of the distressed individual and their situation. Helping others is what drives your actions. Be as open and honest as you can. To help them better comprehend, you might inform them that in the event of a mental health crisis, requesting help is the best course of action. […]

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May I request a call back on behalf of another person, such as a friend, family member, or even someone I don’t know who appears to be in distress?

We are authorized to call those numbers who have reached the Helpie Crisis Line and requested a callback. It means we may not make a third-party phone call.

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Would you be able to call someone I know who is in a crisis if I provided you with their contact information?

We cannot contact someone proactively in response to a request. The operating platform only authorizes us to call those who have requested a callback from Helpie.

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