With so many helplines available, what makes the Helpie Mental Health Crisis Response Platform unique & different?


Every helpline is developed with the best intentions and the singular goal of serving a certain purpose and reaching a specific group. It may not be appropriate to make a universal comparison. The Helpie Crisis Response Platform has unique features to its credit –

  • It is technology-enabled. The platform is loaded with resources to aid people experiencing a crisis and is accessible at any time, anywhere. (Helpie BOT, Helpie BRIC, Helpie RING)
  • In the event of a confidential mental health crisis contact with a trained Helpie Responder, callers can remain entirely anonymous and carry on their conversation with the Helpie Responder. The calling number is masked, and the Helpie Responders will not have access to the caller’s number, guaranteeing that the caller’s identity remains completely anonymous.
  • This helpline offers a callback service and does not accept direct calls.

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