Who are Suicide Gatekeepers?

Suicide Gatekeepers are members of the community who are in contact with people at risk for suicide. They believe suicide can be prevented and are equipped to recognise distress in individuals, respect their feelings, and refer to appropriate professional services.

How can I become a Suicide Gatekeeper?

You can become a suicide gatekeeper by getting trained to become one. Evidence is mounting to indicate that those who undergo gatekeeper training are better able to identify warning signs of suicide and to select successful intervention methods that can be life saving. Scroll down the page to register for the 100 minutes Online Helpie Suicide Gatekeeper Training.

What is Helpie Suicide Gatekeeper Training?

In the routine health care context, mental health professionals treat and care for individuals in severe distress at high risk of suicide in their practice. Their timely intervention and support can be lifesaving.

To enable this, the individuals in distress need to reach out and seek assistance willingly. Because of their nature of distress they may not be able to reach out to seek support on their own. They need help.

It’s where the Helpies, Suicide Prevention front-line warriors come in to bridge the gap, and that’s the essence of the Helpie Suicide Gatekeeper Training.

What is included in the 100 minute training?

  • Pre and post-training self-evaluation rating
  • 10 brief self-directed learning segments in an audio-visual format
  • A downloadable 100 point ‘Helpie in a Nutshell’ summary
  • Readable ‘Helpie Concept Book’
  • ‘Help Me’ as ‘Helpie’ – 7 Case vignettes to brainstorm
  • Brief application-based training evaluation
  • Training completion e-certificate @ a nominal fee of Rs. 300/- being paid on successful completion of the online program.

What will I learn?

How can completing this training be useful?

  • You can better recognize, respect and refer those in crisis. Your timely and appropriate help to the vulnerable can be life-saving. Educating yourself will help reduce stigma and encourage help-seeking behaviour.
  • You can spread a word in the community about the use of the Helpie gatekeeper training program in preventing suicides.

Overview of the Content

Module 1: Introduction and a Brief Overview of the Training
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Module 2: Media Coverage of Suicide: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Sample text
Module 3: Media Coverage of Suicide: Guidelines as the Guiding Light
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Module 4: The Media reporting on Mental Illness - It's an Uphill Battle
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Module 5: Media Reporters as Media Influencers
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Becoming a Helpie Suicide Gatekeeper does not qualify one to guide the medical management or be a substitute for professional help to the individual at risk of suicide. It would be best if Helpie refers the distressed individual to a qualified mental health professional for further evaluation and treatment.

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