Suicide prevention is everyone’s business!

Being there for someone with thoughts of suicide is life saving. People in distress feel lonely with their thoughts of suicide, often unable to share with anyone. Suicide thoughts don’t have to end in suicide. Evidence demonstrates that talking about suicide doesn’t instigate, but rather prevent suicide. Getting the person into conversation could be the first step towards helping them deal with crisis.

‘Task’ of Suicide Prevention starts with the art of learning to ‘Ask’

It can be challenging to talk about suicide. Knowing where to start or how to help provides the much-needed momentum. An early constructive way to help is to ask clear, concise and concrete questions courteously. That way, you leave the other person in control by making an opportunity for them to find their answers. The objective is to create an environment that enables people to tell someone if they feel suicidal and ask for help, thereby creating a community where talking about suicide is no longer taboo.

Where, “Help Me” is a cry for help, “Helpie” is there to help!

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