Helpie Responders
Helpie Responders are crisis line volunteers trained to aid individuals feeling suicidal a safe, non-judgmental line to connect. Their role is to support the callers in the peak time of emotional distress until appropriate help is received to calm down or the crisis resolves.

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Helpie BRICS
Helpie – Basic Resources for Individuals in Crisis’ [BRIC] are empowering self-help content curated to guide individuals in crisis. It aims to put their essential underlying concerns into perspective through acceptance, identification and reaching out to seek support. The 24 most commonly faced challenges of a crisis, identified and addressed.

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Helpie Ring
Helpie Ring is a safety response tool to support and guide individuals experiencing thoughts of suicide, to help them avoid a state of intense suicidal crisis. A safety plan implemented any time before the crisis is one of the best strategies to mitigate potential suicidal behaviours. At the peak of the crisis, the seven-step safety plan becomes valuable and handy by drawing on ones existing strengths and support.

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Helpie Bot
Helpie Bot is a virtual assistant, designed to help individuals find the right information and resources to cope with the crisis in hand. Clicking the widget in right lower corner, Helpie Bot will appear & the chat box opens. One can interact with Helpie Bot by selecting appropriate responses to the automated questions. A click on the 3-line menu icon on the bottom left of the Helpie Bot enables connecting to Helpie responder, provides access to the self-help tips or aids in creating a safety plan.

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