How someone writes, talks, or communicates about suicide and mental illness can save and heal lives. Media influencers, mental health professionals, and community suicide gatekeepers must receive suicide and mental illness reporting training.

This online training aims to equip one with the information and knowledge necessary to appropriately approach suicide and mental illness topics in various media settings. Using evidence-based research and real-world examples, this brief training will demonstrate how responsible media reporting could aid in altering the trajectory of the suicide crisis and mental health help-seeking.

The first segment is an overview of the training framework. The next segment will highlight the good, bad, and ugly sides of how the media reports suicide. The media guidelines are then unpacked in the third segment that can be used as a guiding light to save lives. The training wouldn’t be complete without understanding how the media covers mental illness, which is covered in the fourth segment. In conclusion, the last segment will challenge one to reconsider the role of media reporters as media influencers.

This training is about making a lasting impact with the right intention, bright insight, and tight implementation. On reaching the end of the journey, one will feel ready to report on sensitive topics like suicide and mental health without putting too many limits on the freedom of the press. This training will increase confidence in one’s abilities to think clearly and critically before writing, talking or communicating for any media outlet about mental illness and suicide.

Be the ray of hope for those on a slippery slope.

No matter how slippery the slope seems, there is always hope for suffering; every action could help light the way for those who have lost all hope. As a responsible member of society, family member, friend, partner, parent, peer, neighbour, or media influencer, you may make a difference in someone’s darkest hour by creating hope through action.

Please be aware that the material discusses suicide in some detail. If you are feeling uncomfortable at any point, please pause what you are seeing or reading and seek the assistance of a trained professional.

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