The finest teams thrive by seeking diversity in a variety of disciplines. Diversity is a catalyst for innovation, creativity, and breakthrough initiatives. The Helpie Mental Health Crisis Intervention team comprises people with different backgrounds and experiences. It embodies the axiom that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Helpie Responders
Helpie Crisis Intervention Responders are a diverse network of skilled crisis line supporters trained to help those in need of safe, non-judgmental support. Assisting callers through stressful times of emotional distress and crisis until appropriate aid arrives to calm them down or solve the issue. They are trained to build rapport with the caller and to listen compassionately, nonjudgmentally, empathically, and respectfully to help them feel protected. They are ready to talk about suicide, identify suicide risks, and work together to solve problems. They then help them develop a plan to be well and safe, including proactive referrals to community and mental health resources, and collaborative problem solving to keep them safe.
Helpie Responder Supervisors
Helpie Responder Supervisors are Helpie Responders having worked with the Helpie Mental Health Crisis Line for at least a year. The additional mentoring role will provide feedback, guidance, and support to Helpie responders.