Really Informative and motivated me to help those in need.

Nikisha Venugopal

I got to interact with professionals who shared information that helped us to understand how we can deal with individuals who need help and how we can identify signs and help people.

Dhihum Kour

It was very helpful and I learnt new things.

Ritika Agrawal

Loved the interactive session and the little anecdotes both the facilitators shared.

Aanchal Mohanty

It was really helpful.

Vyshnavvi Reddy

One becomes sensitive to the context, behaviour and approach to human interactions.

Aishwarya Naik

It was insightful to discuss the risk factors and preventive methods of suicide.

Sai Priya S Kumar

It was really informative and eye opening with respect to understanding the current scenario.

Mariaet Wilson

The experience was really uplifting, the idea that you could save someone’s life is groundbreaking. The entire session was very interactive and fun. It was made more aware, empathetic and understanding.

Shreemayee Ray
Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

I’ll be grateful to become a helpie as I’ll have a strong sense of satisfaction to help someone in need.

Ashwathi Prabhu
Dindigul, Tamil Nadu

Helpful, insightful and absolutely necessary.

Hitankshi Trivedi

It was a truly enlightening experience. We got to know about the statistics of the number of people who attempt/commit suicide, and how, we, as aware individuals, can help each one of them. Minute signs can be used as indicators, and individuals can then be approached in order to prevent them from giving up. Becoming a Helpie is fulfilling, and enriching. It bestows on each one of us, the power, to help any one in need.

Shwetha Sunil
Palakkad, Kerala

It was informative.

Joe Valentina
Valanarasu, Tamil Nadu

It was very helpful. Understood the mental trauma faced by people with suicidal thoughts.

Vanchha Chandrayan
Madhya Pradesh

It’s great to know where to start helping and make a difference.

Niveditha D


Meril Laila Stephen

I really appreciate the programme and the specific details it gave that we never knew about.

Jhala Shubhanginidevi
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Thank you Augmenta Health for an educational experience with the Helpie Suicide Prevention Initiative. I hope to do justice to the goal of this program as a fellow Helpie -will keep in mind: updating information as far as being aware of multiple resources, mental health care professional helpings and approaches in dealing with distressed individuals. It was interesting to know the various perspectives of looking at suicide prevention as well – I will always keep in mind that Safety comes first.

Nivritti Dhruve

It was really amazing and interactive session.

Angel Mary Bobby

It was an experience enriched with a lot of learning. It was very helpful in understanding more specific aspects of what we broadly term as “suicide”.

Lekha Pantula

It was really enlightening and the facts were astonishing and eye opening.

Serat Rana

The pointers given during the session were helpful in understanding the nuances when it comes to interacting about such matters, and they were a great resource.

Ashlyn Joseph
Kuttiyath, Kerala

Helpie has helped me realise the importance of being a kind and considerate human being when it comes to the topic of suicide.

Gayathri Narasimhan

It was very helpful gave a lot of insight.

Apoorva Nag

It was extremely eye-opening to the statistics concerning suicide as it is highly underestimated.

Sankhya Ravi Bantalpad

Being a helpie would be very difficult. People are not so easy to understand and to make someone understand that their decision or their thoughts are leading to a path where there is no return can be a feat. However, I would like to take it up as my responsibility to make a change that would stop people from viewing life as requiring an end

Aarthi R

It was an amazing opportunity as I learnt about the statistics related to suicide and how I can help make an attempt to reduce this number.

Muskan Gumber
Ludhiana, Punjab, India

I just completed the Suicide Helpie Gatekeeper Online Training Program. I found everything helpful….the whole training program….. I am just an individual who is concerned about people…. I am not a mental health professional. If you organise more training programmes please keep me informed.

I try to attend similar training programmes wherever I can because I am a Volunteer on a Suicide Prevention Helpline.
I would like to improve myself and become more effective.

I liked very much: IS PATH WARM ie assessment of the risk of suicide because suicide can be prevented. I also liked Recognise, Respect, Refer……..good guidelines.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Olga Noronha

A great help to know how to recogniseand how to approach the suicidal.

Anupama Rose Mathew

It was enlightening.

Jane Sebastian
Pala, Kottayam, Kerala

Enlightening, helped in increasing empathy.

Titiksha Pathak
Kashipur, Uttarakhand

New interesting but could include a lot more.


I loved the programme, it gave usa lot of information that we didn’t know before and will definitely help me in case of emergencies.

Shruti Pravin Yadav

It was wonderful and extremely informative.

Nikisha Venugopal

I think becoming a helpie would be a great thing to do as I feel saving a life and helping someone gain a meaningful life is a wonderful job.

Nishtha Jain

Transformative, revelatory and insightful.

Joshua D.
Galstaun, Bihar

The experience was great.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the new information and the mode of delivery.

Preeti Kodancha

I felt so happy and proud to commence my job as a helpie. Thanks to all for opening my way to public help services.

Munna R S

It was amazing. I learned a lot.

Chaitanya Gupta

I think becoming sensitive to the various things a suicidal person could say to you is really important. The workshop helped me do just that.

Smrithi Sampath

I feel helpies are very much needed in society and have a very important role to play.

Yuthika Mohan Ram

Could understand the deeper roots of suicide.

Neethu Elizabeth Thomas

It was really helpful and we all enjoyed the session.

Kshitija Yerolkar

In Mental Health Crisis

Maybe it’s time to seek help…