Kavan is a 35-year-old businessman who is single and considered to be an eligible bachelor. He’s not interested in the dates set by his mates. Although people around him are getting married and having children, he always jokes with his friends that he’s ‘destined to die alone.’ One day while cleaning his room, his sister found a letter among his belongings. He writes that he is a ‘loner’ and that he wants to go somewhere else, ‘wishes that he could just vanish,’ and ‘can’t take this world anymore.’ When you talk to him, he breaks down and admits to you that he’s gay and has broken up recently. Since no one realizes he’s unable to share his suffering with them. He’s sure his orthodox family and community won’t tolerate him. He’s tired of living a double life’ instead of just putting an end to it all.’ He had planned to hang himself in a hotel room on his 36th birthday, which is a few days away, and he had already written a suicide note that his sister had found.

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