Proy, a 45-year-old married man, had lost his job when the bank he was working for closed six months ago. He has been looking for another job without success. It made him feel increasingly dissatisfied and defeated. Being the family’s sole breadwinner and having two school-going children, he finds himself in a difficult situation. His wife approaches you saying he’s withdrawn from others, including his family, eating less, showing little interest in activities he used to enjoy before, sleeping a lot during the day and scrolling through his phone at night. When you approached him and warmly put across your concerns, he confirms all the things his wife told you and also additionally mentioned that he looked at various ways to end his life online. In your interaction, you understood that while he’s been having thoughts of ending life, he’s not yet set a time or worked on a plan. At times he’s been standing on the edge of his building terrace to see ‘what it felt like.’ He says his family loves him and his extended family is very supportive as well. Instead, he feels like ‘there is no way out’ and ‘no point to his life’ because he can’t even look after his family. He breaks down while talking to you, calling himself a ‘coward’ and ‘weak’ and being a ‘bad role model’ for his children.

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