Falak is a 16-year-old girl who has recently been crying regularly, is moody and disconnected from others and has lost interest in playing tennis, which she used to enjoy and excel. She was an ardent fan of a pop band and seemed particularly distressed by the recent suicide of a pop star from the band who was found dead with her wrists slit. She began to spend more and more time reading celebrities who died of suicide and also talked about it. She’s lost interest in her grooming and mostly wears long-sleeved tops. She says that ‘life is full of pain and misery’ and that she feels empty’ inside. Her mother is concerned about the changes she has seen in her daughter’s actions and mentioned it to you. You listen to what the girl has to say, and besides, she confesses to you that she’s been harming herself and wearing long-sleeved tops to cover her scars.

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