Lush is a 27-year-old writer who identifies himself as a trans-man. He had been feeling uncomfortable in his body for a long time, but had to conform to the gender-appropriate behaviour to appear normal.’ Throughout his school and college years, he had been a victim of harassment. He was rejected by his family, who could not understand why their daughter dresses, walks and behaves like a man. He often gets trolled online because of his posts and images that he puts to the point of having a nervous breakdown. He’s found support in the LGBTQIA community. He believes that he has a sense of purpose to raise awareness of the issues facing the trans community. He feels disconnected from others, is often angry and breaks things on impulse and has started using hard drugs to ‘numb out the pain’. He usually posts literary or poetic lines as his WhatsApp status, and now it reads ‘Death is a sweet release’. When you talk to him, he opens up about the sexual abuse he had recently experienced in a club that made him feel ‘powerless’ and ‘helpless.’

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