1. I am not a real human. I am a platform built to help you find the right information and resources to cope with the crisis in hand.

2. I am a technology-driven chatbot developed to protect your privacy and confidentiality. I can provide short-term help using real-time chat technology if you feel overwhelmed and have trouble coping or staying safe.

3. I can only provide support to people residing in India. I will give you information and advise you on the available suicide prevention resources.

4. I will provide a safe space to hear your needs, worries or concerns Without a judgment, I respond. I work with you to explore supportive options.

5. If I become offline, unresponsive or unavailable please don’t wait. Reach out to seek alternative help immediately.

6. If you or anyone you know is at risk or needs immediate medical attention, please call an emergency.

7. To secure your privacy this chat is encrypted. Only if you’re really concerned your privacy is violated by trackers, websites, hackers, Internet service providers, etc., should you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

8. For an effective conversation, ensure you have a few undisturbed minutes to focus on the chat and have a fast and trustworthy internet link and have your location enabled.

9. Try as much as possible to be open and honest. While very insightful in nature, a crisis conversation is NOT a substitute for counselling or medical care.

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