Congratulations!  You’ve finished the “Helpie Suicide Gatekeeper Training”. Appreciate your interest and commitment to become a Helpie. Welcome to the Helpie Family! 

You are NOW eligible for an e-certificate of completion at a nominal fee of Rs. 300/- (click here to pay)

We hope you will use the valuable learnings to make the world a better place. Remember, helping is a process. Your job as a gatekeeper is to be there available to provide educated help. The other opting to take your help or the help rendered turning out beneficial is beyond your individual control. Never stop helping. The real world’s waiting for you. Good luck. 

Where, “Help Me” is a cry for help, “Helpie” is there to help!

Check out these resources for further learning experience:

  •  Download – Helpie in a Nutshell

    This resource is a compilation of 100 most salient points on suicide prevention. It shall be most useful to you, after you have completed all the Helpie training segments.
  •  View the Helpie Concept Book

    This is an additional resource for the gatekeeper, to learn more aspects related to suicide prevention.

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